Our corporate clients come from a wide range of industries including blue-chip companies, 5 star hotel groups, construction and engineering firms, financial institutions, IT firms, the professional services sector and luxury brands. We also assist educational institutions and the public health sector.

Much of our work involves providing services to corporate employers relating to Tier 2 work visas, including Sponsor Licence registration and administration of the Sponsorship Management System.

Sponsor Licence Applications

We assist employers with applying to register for a Sponsor Licence to enable them to sponsor highly skilled foreign workers for employment on a work visa.

Sponsorship Management System

Where an employer has a Sponsor Licence, we can assist with administering that licence, assigning Certificates of Sponsorship and ensuring that all records are properly maintained on that licence.

We help sponsor employers and applicants directly, who are both in and outside of the UK, with applying for work visas under Tier 2 of the Points Based system. We can also assist with helping such applicants make the relevant arrangements for their family members to join them in the UK.


We can arrange audits for employers to help them ensure that they are carrying out right to work checks and record keeping in compliance with their duties as Sponsors under the Sponsorship Management System.

Tier 5 Internships under the Points Based System

We advise and assist companies with applying for visas for individuals to undertake internships with them if they have their own scheme in place or are participating in a Government Authorised Scheme.

HR Training

We offer training for HR departments or senior staff on relevant Immigration law, right to work checks, the Sponsorship Management System and work visas.

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